Kyoto City Business Directory

Kyoto serves as the capital of Kyoto Prefecture. It is situated in the Honshu island of Japan. Historically it is said that the city was planned in accordance to the Japanese art of feng-shui. Kyoto was also the seat of emperor’s rule in early times. Presently, Kyoto has become an important spot of heritage and culture. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites lists many of Kyoto’s monuments. The city is known for shrines, Buddhist temples and palaces. The city also boasts of many majestic villas like the, Kyoto Imperial Palace, Ginkaku-ji, Kiyomizu-dera and Katsura Imperial Villa. The city experiences a humid and subtropical climate condition. Kyoto is further divided into eleven wards. Kyoto is a rich cultural place. The city is under constant preservation practices. It has two thousand places of religious worship out of which there are 1600 Buddhist temples and the other 400 are Shinto shrines. The city also has numerous places of natural beauty including a system of canals. Kyoto is also an educational hub in Japan. The most popular university is the Kyoto University which is a consistently top-ranking national university. The city is connected by three airports namely, Kobe Airport, Kansai International Airport and Itami Airport.

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